Its Your Last Day to Live. What Do You Do?

01.  Order a carmalized banana custard cake for breakfast.

Source: via Monica on Pinterest


02.  Go get my hair and nails done.  I want to be remembered looking fabulous.

03.  Hop on a plane to travel to the nearest amazing destination with my family and friends in tow.

04. Take my kids to ride a water slide.  I want to remember their laughter and grins from cheek-to-cheek.

05. Watch sea turtles hatch.

06. Have amazing meals all day drenched in butter and cream. Followed by a great cup of coffee and dessert.

07. Sleep with three celebrity “freebies” on my list: David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway, Robert Pattinson, etc.  ( I know I said three, but why not indulge on my last day.)

08. Apologize to everyone I know I hurt.

09. Record messages for my children for when they reach milestones in their lives.

10.  Get a tattoo.

11.  Go skinny dipping and make love on the shoreline on an excluded beach. Then go swimming.

11.  Hike to the highest point of elevation and scream from the mountaintop: “Thank you for this beautiful life.”

12.  Marry the man that I love.

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

13.  Watch a sunset with him.

13.  Dance the night away with my family and loved ones with the music blaring under the night sky.  Fall asleep in the arms of my children and husband.

14.  Pray that they have good lives and are safe without me.

There are soooo many more things I’d love to do naturally.  Now, that I really think about it, there is no good excuse to really wait. One never knows your last day; maybe its today.  I sure hope that you REALLY live a little each day and if you’re not, start!  Note to self:  take scenic route home today and be sure to order dessert first.

What would you do?


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