dating life: meet Mr. Film Photographer

Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Film Photographer and Ms. Connoisseur
Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mr. Film Photographer and Ms. Connoisseur

Mr. Film at Heart Photographer and Ms. Connoisseur—Don’t I look uncomfortable?

It’s been six months with this lovely fella. He is a good man with a sexy edge. Romantic, sweet, gentlemanly with tattoos, earrings and a leather jacket.

He always opens my door.


His smile melts my heart, but he’s a photographer.

I swore I would never date a photographer. Ever. Many of the photographers I know have egos and a sleaziness about them because they are always hustling for their next gig. Do they REALLY want to know how you’re doing? No. Do they really care about how my kids are? No.

There is a lack of genuine interest in most photographers’conversations. And in my industry, I’ve seen some pretty shady stuff.

But Mr. Film Photographer’s freckles won me over and because he’s such an artist at heart, he’s hard to dismiss.

He’s old school and learned his craft by shooting film. And like many photographers, the move to digital is frustrating, upsetting, and some (like him) consider blasphemy. I too, learned shooting film, but my career as a photo editor at a movie studio is 99% digital. So, technology and photography for me go hand-in-hand.

So, like his aversion to change in his professional life, dating someone like him is out of my comfort zone in my personal life. There is comfort in what we know as human beings and I am no exception. It’s taken this long to get used to the notion of a drama-free relationship and believe-it-or not, it’s been challenge not dating an asshole or a damaged man.

I was ready to catch-and-release after a month-and-a-half of dating, like usual. A man who lives on his own, works for himself and cooks and cleans without help, oh my! I was an idiot.

Regardless of what happens between us, I’m really embracing a idea of a normal and healthy relationship and Mr. Film Photographer is really embracing digital photography, and together, we are both better people than we were six months ago.

Photo credit: Ms. Connoisseur’s Sister


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