dating life: meet Mr. Mystery Man

Meet Mystery Man.

As in I can’t reveal too many details about the relationship we’re carrying on because we began as friends. We continually confide in each other with recent updates on our exes. We are one of each other’s biggest cheerleaders to put ourselves out there and date!

I am a big supporter and he is one of mine. He tells me about his latest conquests and I, about my adventures in online dating.

We are first and foremost, friends. But after hanging out one night, our friendship evolved.

It all started off innocently enough. Drinks at a dive at the end of a long week for both of us. I got a sitter and planned to unwind. After a few, there was subtle grazes across our hands and at the small of my back when he excused himself to the restroom. When I laughed, I leaned in and he did as well. And after a hearty laugh, I turn to face him and we’re inches apart. How the hell did that happen?

Silence. My mouth goes dry. I unconsciously lick my lips. He looks down at them while I do it and leans in ever so slowly.

He tastes like warm beer and I melt at the tenderness. Sigh. And just like that, we became more than friends.

Maybe because everyone knows we’re friends or maybe because we know each other’s deep dark secrets, but we’ve both agreed to keep it low-key because we are first and foremost, friends. We speak everyday. He still wishes me luck on my dates and our friends with benefits arrangement continues.

The nights we chat I say, “Good night handsome”.

And he replies, “Good night beautiful.”


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