dating life: meet “LAX”…

Meet “LAX”.

Yes, as in the Los Angeles International Airport. Employed as a attorney with an office near LAX, he’s local, busy and his case-load is congested. At 5’9″ he’s clean cut and stocky with a lovely smile and kind brown eyes.
I came across his profile online and I almost dismissed him because the photos on his profile were the typical serious, bad-ass or mad-dog faces you find with Hispanic men’s portraits. But the second to last photo on his profile was of him smiling. And that ladies and gentleman, that is the way to my heart.

I’m a photo editor by profession. I deal with EVERYTHING “photo” I can get my hands on and naturally, my selection of potential dates are based on well-written essays, but also great photos. Do you need to be drop dead gorgeous? No. Do you need to stand by an exotic car or have always have sunglasses on? No. Do you have to smile and does it need to look genuine?–you better believe it.

What if you’re having a bad hair day? No problem. Zit on the tip of your nose, oy!–that’s bad, but even then I have an ability to really see what a person REALLY looks like.

So I “winked” at LAX and he winked back. And lo-and-behold, on our first date, he was better looking in person…just as I suspected.

“I feel like we’re in a Match commercial. You know…you and me on a date in a swanky place at a table in the corner laughing and smiling and having a good time! All we need is a camera guy shooting over my shoulder and then shooting over yours.”

I laugh. Camera talk. It’s like foreplay.

Our conversation is natural, organic, and unforced. We laugh and talk until closing. He pays for dinner. We stroll arm-in-arm as he walks me to my car and hugs me good bye. I wish him safe travels at his conference the following week and I hope to hear all about it when he returns. It’s a great first date.


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