life: a daily photo

Los Angeles, CA
December 3, 2012


We have an elf named Jingles. Many of you parents out there have the vintage-inspired elves on the shelves that you can buy at any major retailers or online. I picked up the box last year and simply could not pay for it. The darn thing freaked me out. Almost like a creepy stalker with those big bulging eyes and a matching smile. I envisioned waking up in the middle of the night and it standing above me willing me to wake to my doom.

So, I gently put the package back on the shelf and walked out of Pottery Barn kids and scoured for a friendly adorable elf that could be passed on through generation with its handmade and well-loved appeal. A lo-and-behold…Jingles.

Was he a bit pricey? Sure. But for something handmade just for us and for a Christmas tradition that will last years to come, it’s completely worth every penny! And with the senseless shooting in Connecticut, I can’t appreciate the joy this little guy brings my children.

My son races to the front of our home EVERY MORNING top see where he’s moved and it’s a daily conversation about where he’ll sit next! Jingles, makes the magic of the holidays very real to my six-year-old and soon his little sister. And I’m very aware of appreciating every single moment with them more-so this holiday season.

For those of you interested, this is where I purchased our little guy.


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