a runner’s life: a daily photo

Flying Pig Marathon
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 6, 2012

> Photo credit: Danielle Hastings

“50, Fat, Diabetic, Ahead of You”

So this photo is making the rounds on Facebook and many social networking sites. I too was guilty of re-posting it on my timeline. I am part of the Triathlon team for work and of swim-bike-run races I’ve done, running continues to be my LEAST favorite. All I know is that anyone can race and this T-Shirt proves it! I’m a big-boned gal and I do it because I just feel good doing it and no one can take that away the sense of accomplishment crossing a finish line.

But come race day, by the time I get to the running part, I want to die. It’s challenging to stay focused and keep pushing through and sometime I wish I could have someone or something there to light a fire under my ass. Enter stage right, Thomas, the instant motivator. Seriously, imagine seeing that T-shirt ahead of you? Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to beat him?

A blogger at TRexRunner is the one who took the photo and with some detective work (ehem, stalker ability), she tracked him down and asked him about that shirt! Be sure to read the interview and see his racing face!

And note to all triathletes and marathoners in the Southern California area, help me out and wear a motivating T-Shirt too!

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