life: a daily photo

Mission Hills, CA
San Fernando Mission
December 1, 2012

My sister always says my daughter doesn’t look like an Emma. She’s definitely more like her middle name, Sofia. Flirty, bashful and demanding your full attention. Miss Emma is constantly smiling and happy unless she doesn’t get her way and then Sofia takes over. I don’t call my daughter princess and neither does her father. We don’t want to add fuel to the flame.

But on this rainy Saturday at a church in Mission Hills, my daughter looked like a princess and acted like an Emma. I don’t usually dig baby pink. I’m more of a magenta or hot pink kinda woman. But my, oh my, can this little one pull it off with her fair skin, big blue eyes and adorable smile.


And although Mr. Dad and I are no longer an item, I can’t help but capture these lovely moments between a father and daughter. I think its important to have them as reminders of how much she loves him when I want to do is kick him in the shins. She’s learning that a man should treat her like a princess, protect her, make her feel warm and safe in his arms and be fun. And I’m ok with that.


6 thoughts on “life: a daily photo

  1. I am moved …because of many things, firstly by those lovely pictures of your cute sweetie, enjoying time with her dad, priceless moments for both, I think…secondly , you say these pictures are going to be reminders, which is really really sad…
    😦 God bless!

    • Thank you! I’m glad they resonated with you in some way…the sweet moments.

      As for the reminders part, my life is sometimes easier to not deal Mr.Dad. These photos remind me reinforce the notion that a child needs BOTH parents in their life!

      Its hard to be a better person when emotions run high between exes. But to her, her daddy is her daddy and can do no wrong and she needs him even if I don’t. Sometimes parents need to be reminded of that. No sadness needed dear–that’s just life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Those words have a lot in them….but I empathise too much and at the same time was wondering how cool you were…I mean how coolly U are dealing with things, that might have broken some one else down! Love to U and your cutie…Hugs!

    If U can, only if U can, just have a look at my ‘Impressions’,thanks

  3. What a really stunning set of photographs! They really show your daughters personality – something to treasure for many years! I’m sure she will be thankful for your talent when she grows up, because not many people get the opportunity to have such wonderful photo memories of themselves!
    Suzy 😀

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