work life: a daily photo

Culver City, CA
Photography Department at the Movie Studio
December 4, 2012


“Welcome to the Holidays, Love Team Photo”

So, everyone’s been a bit grumpy and the boss lady and her entourage decided to infect us with holiday cheer. I celebrate Christmas. Many in the office celebrate Hanukkah. We don’t discriminate. Everyone needs to get into the holiday spirit and so, the decorating madness ensued.

Good news is, it’s worked. We’ve gotten more traffic in the past two days than in the past few weeks before Thanksgiving. Everyone walks into our area with a smile on their face and head shake.

In addition, the Field Publicity Team was inspired to create their own explosion of holiday cheer and a nice friendly competition has begun. Nothing like a bout of healthy competition to incite togetherness! So…here is the the first installment of our decor. There’s talk of bringing in animatronics, lawn inflatables, a snow machine and little people to sing Christmas carols.

Go Team Photo!

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