twilight life: a daily photo

Lake Crescent, Washington
April 2010
For a Week-long Twilight Celebration


For some, its Star Wars or Harry Potter that you associate a period of you life with of fun, excitement, sorrow, happiness, love, a coming of age milestone or growing up. For me it’s Twilight. In honor of this week’s final release and the end of a saga, I will be marking this monumental occasion with a week’s worth of beautiful, peaceful photography from the Olympic Peninsula region including, Forks, La Push and the Hoh Rainforest.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit blue about the Twilight films coming to an end, but with my photos I feel like I can re-live a bit of Stephanie Meyer’s inspiration for the fictional lives of Bella and Edward.

For me, my obsession with Twilight marks the roller coaster of emotions in my love life, emotionally maturing and becoming self-aware in my relationships. What am I capable of and what am I not capable of? What will I compromise and when will I not.

But good news is, like this week’s photos I revisit anytime I feel down, Twilight can be re-read and watched on DVD several times over! So I remind myself, to cheer up and believe in good things.

I’m curious, which film franchise do you associate with and why?


3 thoughts on “twilight life: a daily photo

  1. And there is always The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings…that was my association. I first read LOTR when I was 15 and that was decades ago. So I agree, we can re-read and watch. Excellent post…

    • Ahh, yes. LOTR. That’s a great one! The Hobbit is just about to be released and New Zealand is preparing for the world premiere and their worldwide fans!

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