foodie life: a daily photo

Los Angeles, CA
November 9, 2012

“Pulled Pork Heaven”

Please meet the Pulled Pork Sandwich at Overland Cafe in Los Angeles, CA. I never knew I was looking for this sandwich my whole life until I bit into the perfect brioche bun, amazingly cool guacamole, crunchy shredded cabbage and crispy carnitas in the most finger-licking and equally tangy,sweet and smoky Chipotle BBQ sauce topped with a fresh salsa verde. OMG!

This sandwich is heaven.

Meaning, I can drop dead after savoring every delectable morsel and be completely happy with my life!

The sandwich comes with a tart pickle and an orange slice. If you want fries, sweet potato fries, a soup, a salad or mac-n-cheese as a side, you’ll have to pay a measley $1 more. But trust me, this sandwich takes a full two-hand hold for each slice when halved.

You know the Carl’s Jr. commercials with the sexy gals chowing down on a burger and its dripping with seductive ingredients because its sooo loaded?–This is EXACTLY what happens when you eat this sandwich, minus the bikini, the music and the over-processed fake food.

It’s a fresh, delectable mess and requires a few napkins, but I guarantee you’ll love it OR I’ll share my Organic Blackberry and Raspberry Crisp with Organic Vanilla Ice Cream with you.

Bon Appétit!

Hours are:
M-F 7a – 11p (The have killer breakfast options and service it until 1:30pm)
Sat 8a – 11p
Sun 8a – 10p

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