The Saga Ends….One Month from Today

Forks, Washington (Yes, the real town of Forks)
April 2010

For all of you closeted Twihards out there, this special posting is for you!  Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens in exactly one month and in a grand and possibly mentally unstable gesture, I’ve purchased my ticket.  Not for the last film, but for ALL five films.

That’s right; I’m one of the few watching all five films from beginning to bitter-sweet ending.  I’ll be there with other diehards and simply can’t wait.  (Please don’t tell anyone I’ll be at the AMC Theatre in Century City, CA on November 15, 2012 at 11:30am.  Thanks.)


5 thoughts on “The Saga Ends….One Month from Today

  1. Oh, God! I so envy you! I’ve watched all parts of the Twilight Saga with my eldest daughter and I’m really looking forward to the last Part. Having read the books before I watched the films I know what’s going to happen, but it is one of those cases were it feels actually like watching the book on screen. Watching all five of them (from beginning to end), is a dream for me because I love movie marathons. I really hope you’ll enjoy it the best you can. I know I would! 😉

    • I’m thrilled of course! I’ve requested the day off and now its just a waiting game. As a grown professional woman in her thirties, I am unable to hide behind the excuse of taking my daughter to see it (she’s only one). But nearly everyone who bought a ticket with me for the marathon are lawyers, so I’m not too ashamed to admit I just love Edward and Bella. 🙂

    • Thank you Christa! Trust me, I get grief the time about this. But it’s all good fun and roll with it, I do! But it’s nothing like this latest post from Now she REALLY rolls with it. She’s one my marathoners watching with me!

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