Halloween is Coming. Woohoooooo!

Los Angeles, CA
October 3, 2012

There is nothing like pretending to be someone else, imaginary or real, and no one thinks you’re crazy. Spider webs look like they belong and no one complains about a bat, ghost or spider infestation. Halloween is a big deal in my home and it’s a yearly highlight.

For me it’s the adorable costumes and pumpkin-carving fun. For Nathan, it’s the candy and the REAL muscles he has as the newest superhero or the REAL handcuffs he has a police officer. He gets to be REAL for one night and everyone plays along.

This year it’s a two-some and little Miss Emma can walk and hold her own pumpkin pail for the first time. Although she isn’t likely to go far (one or two houses, tops), its going to be fun! And to get us in the mood, every year, we make our decorations for Hallow’s Eve.

I’m a firm believer in crafting with your kids to make memories that will last a lifetime and to instill traditions that will continue on, with or without me. So here they are, the decorations that grace our home proudly and get us in the mood to say “boo”.

And yes, ninja vampire bats are REAL, just in case you didn’t know.


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