My Slices of Life

My creativity comes in waves and consequently, my photography, writing and designing gets lost.

But I am serious about wanting to stay inspired about every situation, circumstance or surrounding. I am going to re-train my eye to capture life again. Just a slice of it, everyday, for one a moment a day. Armed with my DSLR, my point-in-shoot and yes, my iPhone, I’m excited about the extraordinary and the ordinary of my life.

You’ll see my kids. My family. Work. Landscapes. Textures. Buildings. Goodies. Naughties. Laughter. Strangers. And more.

And by the end of the year I will be able to look back and have a visual representation of one year of my life. Hope you enjoy the show and my rantings as I embrace being a connoisseur of life…again.

I’ve already started to share my slices and you’ve been kind enough to give to comment or “like” them, so it’s a green light for me. Thanks for the love.


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