The Race Called Life

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

So…I took a bit of a break from writing tidbits of my life here until I could get it back in order. Its not really quite there, but is life really ever? I’m a mom of two children. In addition, I’m a working mom with a full-fledged career that I love. So, sometimes its challenging, to say the least.

The other day, one of my favorite new bloggers, Ameila Day of AllTheFadedRoses, asked me what my daily schedule was like. My reply was, “Monday through Friday? Monday through Friday on a school committee to host one of the school’s most popular events? A weekend with birthday parties and playdates? Or me traveling for to a premiere in New York for work and trying to coordinate school, work and daycare/babysitting schedules?”

Her reply to my regular Monday through Friday schedule was: “You do more in your day than I do–by the time i hit the snooze button three times.

I remember laughing, then sighing…then making a mental note to stop by the store for batteries, remember to pack a paper towel roll for Nathan’s art project and to list one more product on my newly launched Etsy site to meet my self-imposed deadline to expand my line.

Life as a single mom isn’t glorious often. Its usually tiring, financially exhausting, frustrating, and I ALWAYS feel like I’m forgetting something. No matter how prepared I try to be, the unforeseen rears its ugly head and the juggling act ensues. But there are moments when a sunbeams break through the clouds and warms my face, inciting hope, patience and resilience to continue.

And it comes in the form of a smile that reaches my six-month-old daughter’s eyes, a joke my six-year-old tells me and its a belly-roll of a good time or my first sale in my online shop from a woman in Kansas who loves Forks as much as me.


P.S. Stay tuned for a post on AllTheFadedRoses on my crazy schedule…called life. Its guaranteed to entertain and good for a laugh or two.

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