Happiness Vs. Joy

I have a few blogs I read religiously including some I’m embarrassed to admit because I’m a grown woman with two kiddos and a wonderful career  and all the responsible things I do as adult.  But one blog called The Daily B is by a writer-photographer mother of two who raises her two children and documents all the wonder and woes of parenthood.  I read it and become inspired.  I laugh out loud, I sigh and shake my head in disbelief with the mischief or humor of her two kiddos–because I too have been there!

One of her most recent posts titled “Happiness vs. Joy” really resonated with me and I wanted to share a large excerpt of it.  Its so beautifully sweet and simply written that its honesty made me a bit misty-eyed.  Enjoy!

“Joy to me is something different. It’s a happiness that doesn’t pretend. It’s the opposite side of the coin from pain; it’s the gracious, authentic happiness you feel because you’ve also felt anguish. The happiness you savor all the more, the happiness that is sometimes tear-filled, that aches. You don’t expect joy to evaporate.

The sweet to life’s salty. That thing that pinches your throat when you watch your kids doing something new and amazing, like pedaling a bicycle or rescuing a ladybug from certain death on a sidewalk, or saying “I love you” to the brother who just stole your favorite crayon.

Joy is not ignoring the pain or whitewashing it. It’s not a trite, glass-half-full sentiment. It’s not sealing yourself in a bubble so that you never have to touch your mistakes or your losses or grief.

It’s not perfection. Far from it. Joy is the freedom you feel to be imperfect.”





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