Bowling?—Bring it.

Conversation between Nathan and I before an impromptu bowling excursion earlier this evening:

N: Are we REALLY going bowling?
Me: Yes, why?
N: I don’t want you to feel bad when I beat you mommy.
Me: How do you know you’re going to beat me?
N: Because I have strong muscles and Erik showed me how to bowl before!
Me: I guess I can’t compete with that!
N: Its ok mommy, I’ll let you win sometimes.
Me: That’s very nice you buddy. Thanks.
N: You’re welcome.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to kick someone’s ass, let them know ahead of time and be nice about it.

He cracks me up.

BTW, when I let him bowl half my turns our last game…I won. Seriously, couldn’t have done it without him. You should have seen his game face. It was all business. I love my little man!

At the bowling lanes in Mar Vista!

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