The World Looks Ok Today

Every time I begin to write a new entry, something happens.  Life as it turns out wants to have the last say.  It mocks me saying, ‘Not today Ms. Monica.  You will not write, complain or vent.’  And by the time I finally get to tap at the keys, I’m either too tired or fuming to say anything or everything.


Today, I’m great.  I actually had time to make a proper breakfast AND lunch.  I folded 5 piles of laundry. Fed Emma. Burped and changed Emma. I paid 2 bills. I put Emma down for another nap then made a delicious lunch with Trader Joe’s grilled chicken and asparagus with asparagus and mixed veggies with a wee bit of red wine vinegar and a 3 tablespoons of mushroom soup.  I showered, made chocolate chip cookies with dough I always have on hand for surprise visitors and began planning Erik’s birthday celebration.


Wow.  Amazing that the world looks a hell of a lot better with some food in your belly and a kid sleeping when she’s suppose to!



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