Me, Obsessive Compulsive? No way.

Erik says I stress too much.

How are we going to pay the bills when the baby comes?
How is the furniture going to get built?
Who’s insurance is better?
Will this blasphemous gestational diabetes (that’s diabetes brought on during pregnancy only) affect the baby even though I’ve given up my two loves–fruit and sweets?
Will I be able to lose my baby weight quickly?
How will Nathan really feel when his baby sister comes along?
What happens if its not a girl, even though 3 doctors confirmed it was?
Will I be able to start my Etsy business finally?
Will my sister finally accept my life choices?
Will my father finally realize he’s been a weasel his whole life and reach out to make ammends with all his children?
Will Nathan grow up to be a strong, responsible, contributing member of society?
Will Nathan make friends at school easily?  Will he be picked on?
Will I finally be able to go back to school?  And make things?
Who am I going to clean the house and cook dinner every day on Maternity leave without going bonkers?
Will Erik still want me when I’m sleep-deprived, haven’t showered in days and my hair looks like I’ve stuck my finger in the electrical socket?

These are a sample of all the thoughts that cross my mind on any given day.  I never really voice them, but they do concern me.  But I take it one day at a time and remember to have my coffee in the mornings.

Me, obsessive compulsive?  No way.  Stressed to the max…absolutely.

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