My Life in Lists

I’m a list maker. I’ve always made lists. It keeps my life in check and l love checking off my life. So, when I was browsing the aisles at Barnes & Noble, Chronicle Books’ LISTOGRAPHY: YOUR LIFE IN LISTS easily found its way to the register and in my bag.

Question #1 that I’m choosing to share is: List the Things You’re Glad You Did. My listed response goes a little something like this in no particular order:
-Left my son’s father
-Travelled after college
-Had my son
-Graduated from college
-Fell in love several times with the wrong men and finally found Mr. Right
-Found peace without my father in my life
-Went to therapy
-Finished my first season of Triathlons
-Bought my first home
-Began to save every month for a “rainy” day
-Learned to swim as an adult

What are some things you’re glad you did?

Next up, List Things You’d Like To Do Before You Die…



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