Date Night Ahead

I remember dressing up in something sexy, dabbing on my expensive french perfume, putting on a pair of even sexier heels to hit the town on a Friday or Saturday night with a boy.  Whether dancing or dinner and a movie, it felt good to know I was on top of my game.  I felt feminine and sexy and flirty.  And laughing came easily when having a good time.

After having one child and with another on the way, I sometimes forget to do these things for my man, but more importantly for myself.  I’ve become so busy with routine and family that I can honestly say, my mojo gets a bit lost at times.

So, its nice to know when my fella got home late last night and woke me up to ask me out on a date for the following Friday…I immediately smiled and giggled with anticipation and glee.  Woohoo!

My mind began to race and even with my growing belly, I thought: I’m going to knock his socks off with something lovely.  I’m going to put on my good perfume, straighten my hair and even put on heels (although they won’t be as high as they used to be because I do want to live to see my child born!).

Its nice to be desired and I drifted back to sleep with a smile in my heart, counting down the days to the date night ahead…


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