“Am I handsome, Mommy?”

I looked at my son and Nathan was long overdue for a haircut. One morning as he got out of the shower, I said, “Come here, Nathan. You need to see so I’m going to cut your hair.” He complied and I snipped the long hair that he continually brushed out of his eyes. The bowl-cut snips did not do him justice. It became an incentive to get him a proper haircut.

We went to our usual place that only charged $8 for a kids’ cut. They were closed. Who closes shop on Sunday anymore? Evidently they did.

So, we proceeded to head to the nearest Fantastic Sam’s where for $12.95 even, my son looked like he had aged two years in a matter of minutes. He asked for it to be shorter, but I couldn’t handle it. He didn’t look like my little boy anymore. “That’s fine, Nathan. You look very handsome.”

I pay the nice lady who says her grandson is also five and we skip to the car in the lot. As my monkey buckles in he asks, “Am I handsome, Mommy?”

I reply, “Very handsome.”

“More handsome than Erik?” he asks.

“Hmmm. That’s a tough one Nathan. I think you’re both equally handsome. But if I had to pick one, I would say, ‘Yes, but don’t tell Erik.”

“Ok, Mommy. I won’t tell him.” He smiles triumphantly and begins to nod off as he looks out the window.

I smile. My little boy, isn’t so little anymore.



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