3G iPhone by Apple

I just got the new 3G iPhone on Sunday. Only waited 1 hour and 42 mintutes to get it, which was much better than the 1/2 mile long, 6-8 hour wait on Friday at The Grove’s Apple store. Crazy people I tell you. Now, I consider myself a fan of Apple products, but I’m not quite the fanatic to deal with a lines that don’t appear to ever end. So, Sunday, was my compromise.

Yesterday was entirely spent uploading, updating and browsing functions, applications, etc… And was the 16GB Black sleek phone worth $350 and change(incl. taxes)? Absolutely! It now has a pink Belkin silicone case (which I wish was a bit more snug) and a cheap Jabra $40 wireless headset–which works great. Next on the purchasing list are 2 docking stations (one for work and the other for home). All the reviews mentioned it, but I saw first-hand, the battery goes fast!

But this weekends’ purchase brings up an excellent topic for today’s visual connoisseur: the iPhone and what is its appeal? Clearly, we can go on and on about why its set a higher standard technically speaking, but visually, its a remarkable piece of technology–stunning really.

From the moment its on, the first thing you notice the large screen. The entire phone is dedicated to communicate visually with its owner. There are no competing numbers or scrolls or arrow buttons. Next comes the brilliant colors of the icons which pop vividly against the black screen. Consistent of shape and size, icons are simple to understand. The most important 4 icons located at the bottom, but still aligned to the columns above them, creating lines that are ease strain on your eyes. All icons get equal face time and attention and as a result you really can’t get lost or distracted, again, on a large viewing screen.

Then there are the images. There is a plethora of visual candy from book covers to CD albums, not to mention the photos you can take with the camera. People love photos and pretty things, colors and graphics. Its a simple fact of nature. And for those of us who still need lists, the iPhone offers that for you too.


One thought on “3G iPhone by Apple

  1. Hmmm I was debating getting the Iphone as well but didn’t really like the plans that AT&T offers. I have however played with Sprint’s Instinct phone and that is a great substitute. The selling point of the phone isn’t Sprint’s great network which is better than or equal to AT&T’s 3G but the fact that for $100 plus taxes per month I get unlimited talk, text, internet, and GPS.

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