Simple Beautiful Cards and 1 Elaborate Card…

The weekend was absolutely gorgeous here in sunny Los Angeles. Spent some great quality time with my family at a swim class and going for a walk around the neighborhood. My next photo project will be photographing one of these walks from the perspective of a 2-year old boy. That should be fun!–35inches off the ground most of the time and sometimes even lower…Stay tuned.

With that said…this week’s focus is on simple beautiful handmade cards. Easy, simple and sincere. Remember as a child when you made cards for mom or dad or for special occasions? Well, handmade cards now-a-days have come a long ways and have grown up!

Relatively easy to duplicate, I focus on reusing materials or materials that are dirt cheap (on clearance or sale). Please click on each of the images to see enlarged photos (which I took–that you very much) and a description of how each card was made. Enjoy!


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