Great Photography Samples

So, I’m a huge fan of Photo District News (PDN) Magazine. Solid articles and beautiful solid photographs. You never really question whether a photograph belongs in their collections. They are always that great! And what’s even better, THEY HAVE CONTESTS! I’ve included the link HERE, for those who want to see some great work throughout the years in different categories. The links are on the right hand side of the page under different headings or you you can go to the individual sections listed; they include Top Knot Wedding Photography, Photography Annual, Pix Digital Contest, Self-Promotion, PDN’s 30 and World in Focus. Enjoy! I’ve also included some samples of what you can expect to find from their 2008 contest winners.


One thought on “Great Photography Samples

  1. Hi,

    I love the images you have posted on this site. Picture 19 on the great photography samples in particular. I am looking to purchase some custom photography to sell as cards on a website and would be prepared to pay a small fee for the privilege. I would prefer to work with one artist and I stress that the fee would only be small to begin with. If you know anyone who is interested I would be very appreciative.

    Kind regards


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