Exploring The Visual Sense

Welcome to A Visual Connoisseur.  I’m not French, but the word “connoisseur” has a nice ring to it.  But one thing I am is a visual person.  Although I appreciate all my other senses, my eyes are trained to see the beauty in things other might easily disregard or pass by.

This blog will explore the craft of photography, design, paper crafts, and pretty things.  Simple enough, right?  Each week, a new project or photograph will be featured and likely include commentary or instructions to re-create fabulousness.  Or I might give assignments out to create something fabulous or to ask you to share your tips on anything that will enhance our visual experience.  Maybe you’re really into Feng-Shui?  Not only is this a visual experience with everything in its place, but helping your inner peace isn’t bad for a day’s work either.  Or perhaps you have a fantastic photograph of a endless field of flowers, or closeups of textures?  To use the cliche: You are only limited by your imagination, is an understatement.

So there you have it.  This blog will be related to visual enhancing our lives…


2 thoughts on “Exploring The Visual Sense

  1. Ah…well, there ya go! Good to know. Sounds french though, right? Maybe I can get away with it. Thanks…

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